The Whys and Hows of Quitting Coffee (VIDEO)

Quitting coffee is hard. I know because it took a couple of years of quitting and then going back to it over and over before I was able to accept just how much better I felt without coffee and make it a permanent change. That being said, I still very much enjoy a cup of good-quality decaf whenever I’m home with my sisters… because life is all about balance.

If you’ve been considering taking a break from coffee and want to know the potential benefits and tips on how to go about it, this week’s video featuring Curious Katie is for you.

Maybe you aren’t ready to take a break from coffee — that is totally fair! Today’s video will still help give you a better idea of why one might quit coffee and how to do so if you decide you’re ready.

Show notes:

Products featured:

Coffee substitute: The particular one I featured seems to have been discontinued but I also really like Dandy Blend
Herbal tea: Love North’s Clarity and Vision Herbal Tea


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