Intuitive Eating Principle #1: Ditch Dieting (VIDEO)

If I asked you to name me as many diets as you could think of I bet you could list off a solid handful or two. You may have even tried a few of them yourself. Or perhaps “traditional” diets aren’t your thing but you’re often “cutting back” or trying to “eat clean”.

The diet industry would have us believe restricting what we eat and how much we eat will help us achieve our health and weight loss goals. But the research shows that simply isn’t the case.

Which is why, in today’s video, I’m digging into Principle #1 of Intuitive Eating: Reject the Diet Mentality. Or as I like to call it, ditch dieting.

Dieting is more likely to bring on regaining of weight, disordered eating, stress and negative body image than it is long-term weight loss. So it’s about time we ditch dieting and embrace a way of eating and living that let’s us make peace with food and our bodies just as they are right now.


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