5 Body Positivity Warriors to Follow This Year

Body Positivity Warriors

Social media has a reputation for having negative effects on mental health. And there have definitely been times where it has played a toxic role in my life. But social media can also be an incredibly helpful tool. In more recent years platforms like Instagram have helped me discover some seriously impressive and inspiring women.

When I decided to quit weight loss obsession and diet culture, I went on the hunt for accounts that would inspire me to love and appreciate my body just as it is. And boy did Instagram deliver! There are so many incredible women out there spreading the word about saying goodbye to letting society’s beauty standards dictate our happiness.

These are just some of the many brilliant women who have helped me learn to find the love for and acceptance of my body I desired for so long. I hope they do the same for you. Now, without further ado, let’s introduce these incredible ladies!

1. Summer Innanen (@summerinnanen)

Summer InnanenSummer Innanen is a total bad a$$ with a fierce body positivity message and oodles of hilarious sass. Her posts are equal parts cheeky and honest. Follow her on Instagram and check out her FREE 10-Day Body Confidence Makeover available on her website. With it you’ll get sent an email daily for 10 days that challenges you to look at yourself and your body in new and empowering ways.



2. Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda)

Megan BodyPosiPandaOn her Instagram Megan shares many sassy and humorous thoughts on diet culture and also shares the posts of other influential thinkers in the BoPo movement so you can discover even more body-positive warriors to follow. She also shares some great posts on her blog, BodyPosiPanda, so be sure to check that out as well.

3. Glenys Oyston

Glenys OystonShe may not be on Instagram, but Glenys’ well-researched, scientific approach to giving up dieting and achieving health no matter your size are not to be missed. Check out some of the brilliant posts on her blog, Dare to Not Diet, and take a peek at the great scientific research she has collected on the results of dieting, weight cycling and much more.



4. Dana Suchow (@dothehotpants)

Do-The-Hotpants-Dana-SuchowSometimes humorous, sometimes sentimental, always personal and insightful — Dana’s posts on Instagram are must-reads. Her many posts there and on her blog regarding self-love and recovering from disordered eating and body-hate are inspirational and relateable. Plus, she’s a fiery feminist sharing insightful quips about being a woman as well as fighting for equality, inclusiveness and women supporting women.


5. Kelly (@kellyufit)

KellyUFitKelly at kellyufit shares posts that will help you find the love, patience and kindness for yourself that can be so hard to achieve when you’re starting out your journey towards body acceptance. If you’re struggling with binge eating or want to learn more about intuitive eating she also shares some great videos on her YouTube channel. Whether you check out her posts or her videos, her honesty and empathy is sure to radiate through the screen.


These are of course just five of the many incredible women out there speaking up about self-love and body positivity and acceptance. Don’t settle for accounts and websites that make you feel “less than” or like you have to look a certain way in order to be valued. Fill your feed with women like these who inspire you to treat yourself with love, patience and kindness and to see yourself for the beautiful soul you are.

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