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Do you keep trying to eat “better” and just feel like you can never get it right? Or maybe you do for a time. Perhaps you get really restrictive or you eat really clean for a while, but then, inevitably you bounce back. It’s too hard, or time-consuming, and you miss all your favourite foods, and you rebound. You go back to eating all the foods you’ve deemed “bad” for you, you gain back any weight you may have lost during your “healthy” phase and you feel terribly about yourself. Sound familiar? This does not have to be your story anymore.

  • You can choose foods that nourish your body because you want to not because you “should”.
  • You can say goodbye to cycles of feeling like you’re being “good” and “bad” and finally feel at peace around food.
  • You can find and maintain a weight your body is comfortable with and learn to love and appreciate your body just as it is.
  • You can improve any health symptoms you’re having by making gentle, enjoyable changes to your life. No long list of “no” foods and “must-dos” required.
  • You can heal your relationship with food and your body and live a life free of dieting and body-shame.

I don’t believe in diets, deprivation or “bad” foods. The diet industry would have you believe you just need the right plan, list of yes/no foods or weight management products to achieve your goals. But I believe no outside source has the answers YOU need.

Learning to listen to your body, to give it the nourishment it needs and to make peace with whichever foods you choose can be hard. Years or decades of being a slave to the diet-mentality can cause a lot of noise to be swirling around in your head when you’re just trying to make the right choices for your body and your mind. Learning to quiet all that noise so you can hear what your body has to tell you takes time, and sometimes the guidance of the right professional. But the answers are all within you, I’m just here to help you start to hear them.

When you let go of the pressure to eat the “right” foods, to eat less, to avoid fat/sugar/calories, etc. and to look a certain way, and you just get in touch with what your body needs and what feels right to you — making the healthiest choices for yourself becomes easy and natural. Sometimes that healthy choice will be a quinoa salad, sometimes it will be a chocolate chip cookie.

It’s about what works for you, finding out what feels good in your body and what makes you happy. To me, neither force-feeding yourself kale, nor eating a piece of cake with regret and self-hate are healthy. What is healthy for both your mind and your body? Ditching the diet-mentality, the food police and the body-hate. Not letting a single study or headline tell you what you can and can’t eat. Experimenting with different foods and figuring out what you truly enjoy, what your body craves and what feels right for your unique tastes and needs.

You don’t need another meal plan, you don’t need another diet — all you need is you. If you’re ready to wave goodbye to all the rules and the cycles of being “good” and “bad” and to finally start feeling like your healthiest, happiest self, I’m here to help. You can make peace with food and your body. Start that journey today.

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