Toronto Nutrition Workshops

Belong to a company, team or social group that could benefit from a talk on  health and nutrition? I offer nutrition workshops for groups of all sizes residing in the Toronto-area.

I’m a firm believer that learning about nutrition should be both informative and fun. My talks are a blend of information and humour, allowing all participants to leave feeling educated, motivated and energized.

The following is a sampling of the workshop topics I offer:

Meal prep: Easy ways to eat healthier every day

Keepin’ it quick: Healthy tricks for busy professionals

Sports Nutrition: Fuel your workouts and races with whole foods

Self-care: The health and happiness connection

Intuitive Eating: Ditch the diets and get in-tune with your body

I am also open to developing workshops on particular topics that are of interest to you and your group. Find out more about my nutrition workshops today! Use the contact form below for more details and pricing.