Meal Prepping Workshop: Learn to meal prep like a pro

Meal Prep Like a Pro Course

I have been a fan of meal prepping for quite some time now. Having all the ingredients on hand for a quick breakfast on-the-go, carrying a lunch and snacks with me when I’m away from home and always having something in the fridge to eat in a flash for dinner have become a way of life for me.

But I wasn’t always that way. Through high school, when tasked with making my own lunches, my go-tos were pizza pockets, a plain bagel or a bag of sugar cookies. Even through most of university I would rely on microwave mac and cheese or a Tim Hortons muffin to get me through the day.

However, slowly, I learned more recipes, got comfortable packing meals in a way that they wouldn’t leak and ruin my day and overall started incorporating more whole, homemade foods into my life. My energy soared, my digestion improved… not to mention, my bank account loved it!

Preparing meals is an incredible way to treat your body kindly, feel great and save money. That’s why on February 8th in Toronto I’m holding a workshop all about it! If you’ve been wanting to eat more healthfully and feel better but time, stress or not knowing where to start have gotten in your way — this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you’ll learn:
– How to find the time for preparing and cooking
– Which types of meals are ideal for meal prepping
– Tricks to make meal prepping easy and fun
– How to store and transport your meals so they stay fresh and tasty
Plus, you’ll receive over 20 recipes that are ideal for meal prepping! And as an added bonus, there may be some tasty treats at the workshop to get you inspired to start preparing your meals 😉

I’ll be keeping the group small so that I can get a sense of what each participant finds to be his/her biggest challenges when it comes to meal prepping — that way I can provide the most personalized advice and insights possible. So you won’t just learn general tips on how to meal prep, we’ll get clear on what’s specifically holding you back from enjoying healthy, homemade meals and bust through those barriers. Don’t miss your chance to learn practical, applicable tricks to make healthy eating easy, quick and fun! Tickets are only $30 and can be purchased HERE.

If you like the recipes I’ve shared here on the blog, over on my Instagram or in my monthly healthy eats posts and want to learn realistic, easily applicable ways to start making them for yourself, don’t miss this workshop!

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